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Welcome to Thought Force. The purpose of this site is to share important ideas and resources with you so that you can help yourself become a better person. A better person here connotes becoming more rational, free-thinking, tolerant, virtuous, and wise. It’s our hope that by helping you, you’ll help others, and, thus, our actions will improve the world just a little bit.

At Thought Force you’ll find:

Our blog – This is the main feature of the site. We publish the information you should know to become a better thinker and a greater person. The content is divided into the following six topics:

Resources –  Our compilation of some of the best resources from around the web. It’s a place for you to discover tools and other websites that further Thought Force’s mission to help the world become more reasonable.

Intellectual’s Dictionary – Thought Force hopes to help you build an awesome vocabulary. That’s why we created the Intellectual’s Dictionary. It’s not only a growing, one-stop place for million dollar words, it’s also embedded in-site. That way, if we write a big word, you don’t have to look it up.

How to keep up to date:

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Our ethos:

  • Information should be succinct and clear, but not necessarily simple. It’s important to have a strong vocabulary.
  • Greatness is achievable, and you should fight for it.
  • One of the greatest evils in the world is the evil of ignorance.
  • Our purpose on earth is to learn and to do.
  • Knowledge should be converted into wisdom and understanding. Mere knowledge only makes people more useful slaves.

“It is through wondering that human beings both now begin and first began to philosophize.”- Aristotle, Metaphysics